Meet the owner

Jozette “Cookie” Thomas

 I am a 28 yr old wife and mother. I have always been really big on holistic healing, for both myself and my family. After giving birth to my last child my body went through some major changes. Changes that made me feel like I was unattractive and unworthy of my husbands full attention. So as a result of that I began to research natural remedies to get my self “back to normal” and the results were AMAZING! I felt like myself again I felt beautiful and I felt confident. It was actually my husbands idea to “bottle that stuff up and sale it!”. After giving birth to five kids there wasn’t one part of my body I absolutely LOVED;but there was one part that I was proud of and it was my vagina. I’ve given my husband five kids out of this “thing” the least I could do is show my appreciation by keeping her up; and I was committed to doing so. There has been mornings where I’ve waken up and looked at my self in disgust at the “new me” especially my stomach it’ll never be the same BUT...right below that pudge is POWER! I love her! For what shes accomplished and endured; That alone has had me on cloud TEN. I want ladies, mothers ...WOMEN of all shapes sizes and colors to have that feeling it is AMAZING ! That is how and why Mutha Nurture was created.