Meet The Owner

   Hey girl HEYYYYYYY !!!I’ll start by saying THANK YOU!Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. My name is Jozette “Cookie” Thomas and I am the owner of this BEAUTIFUL COMPANY!!!!I am a mother to FIVE beautiful children in which four of them are GIRLS!I launched this business during the pandemic because of vaginal irregularities I had been experiencing.Vaginal irregularities that affected my marriage, my confidence, and eventually my day to day life.After extensive research,ERROR AFTER ERROR, and driving my sisters and friends crazy having them  test product after product our bbys were PERFECTED!What started off as a personal issue became a PUBLIC ANSWER!The answer to so many unanswered questions!So often we are so ashamed or embarrassed by things we feel we have no control over, WELL NOT ANYMORE & NOT UP IN HERE.MUTHA NURTURE is a safe place! FOR ALL WOMEN because WE ALL have or will experience vaginal irregularities at some point.