Garden drops

Garden drops

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Preventing and treating symptoms associated with yeast and other vaginal infections.

Soothing skin post wax and/or hair removal techniques.

Treating and preventing ingrown hairs.

Assisting in eliminating the overgrowth of bad bacteria ultimately balancing vaginal PH.  

And the list goes on.

Safe to use daily!

Mutha Nurtures yoni oil contains:

Sunflower oil: Improves skin health and promotes cell regeneration

Coconut oil: Fights inflammation and acts as an protective barrier for the skin.

Olive oil: moisturizes and acts as an natural lubricant

Jojaba oil: minimizes the appearance of dark marks while working as a cleanser for clogged pores ultimately preventing ingrown hairs.

Tea tree oil: acts as an antibacterial and antifungal and is ideal for treating vaginal irregularities such as bacterial vaginitis and yeast infection.

Rose petals:acts as an antioxidant 

Yoni oil is your first line of defense against unhealthy and unwanted bacteria. It also helps to maintain a healthy Ph balance. Yoni oil is sensitive enough to be used daily to retain moisture and fight odor causing bacteria and effective enough to be used occasionally to treat symptoms associated with yeast, UTI and bacterial infections (Not STDs)